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Let join the OSH & Legal Day Explorace.

Event: “Keselamatan, Kesihatan dan Relasi Undang-Undang di dalam Institusi: Tanggungjawab siapa?”
Date/Day : 16th May 2024/Thursday
Time: 8.00 am – 2.00 pm
Venue: ICC IIUM Gombak
Attire: Sports Attire

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For inquiries, please contact: Sr. Ainie: Ext 5806/Br. Ramlan: 5959

OSH Announcement For Hari Raya Aidilfitri Holidays

Occupational Safety, Health and Built Environment Department would like to take this opportunity to wish “Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin” to all IIUM community.

As the long Raya holiday approaches, we would like to remind everyone to prioritize safety and security measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday. Kindly refer the safety guidelines as attached.

Safety Guidelines

Occupational Safety, Health And Built Environment Department

On behalf of OSHBE management, we would like to congratulate Bro Ramlan Bin Mahadi on the success and achievements in IIUM Takrim 2023. The commitment and extensive experience of Br. Ramlan in the field of occupational health and safety played an important role in determining success and achievement in winning the KHAIR Administrator Award. His unwavering dedication to occupational safety and health initiatives inspires all.

We are proud to have Bro. Ramlan as a member of OSHBE . May Allah SWT continue to shower His blessings upon Bro. Ramlan and all of us. Congratulations again to Bro. Ramlan Bin Mahadi on the achievement of the award.


On behalf of OSHBE management, we are pleased to congratulate you on your promotion to Engineer (J44). Your strong leadership and extensive experience have been instrumental in the success of our safety initiatives, and your unwavering dedication is an inspiration to all.

We are confident that you will continue to contribute greatly to OSHBE and IIUM. Once again congratulations on your promotion


Occupational Safety, Health and Built Environment (OSHBE) previously has been known as Occupational Safety and Health Unit, OSHU. In view of the critical needs for an entity in the University to look into issues affecting the quality of the environment, particularly river pollution, poor sewerage treatment plant management, contaminated indoor air quality, and etc., the University Management Committee (UMC) in its meeting No. 5/2015 held on 1st April 2015 agreed in principle to expand the current functions and responsibilities of the OSHU with the appointment of a Director.
The INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA (IIUM) strives to achieve excellence in the management of its Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) at the workplace by inculcating an awareness of the importance of safety and health for IIUM’s employees and members of the public who deal with the University.