Office of the Chief Digital/Information Officer (CD/IO)

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Norbik Bashah Idris

Chief Digital/Information Officer

International Islamic University Malaysia


T: +603-6421 4880


Secretary: Nor Aiza

T: +603-6421 4881


Special Officer: Ahmad Ashaari Alias


IIUM is committed to ensuring effective and sustainable ICT service delivery for the University community. Encapsulated in the IIUM Roadmap 2021-2022 – Whole Institution Transformation, Knowledge Connectivity is one of the Focus Areas that aims to provide a good technological infrastructure to meet the needs of the University. To realise this aim, the ICT strategic initiatives namely, ethical technological solutions, knowledge management, information security, and practical IT policies and SOPs are formulated and implemented university-wide. These initiatives are also aligned with the nation’s Pelan Strategik Pendigitalan Sektor Awam 2021-2025.

Due to the multifaceted nature of information technology, ICT service delivery under the purview of the Information Technology Division (ITD) is constantly changing and evolving. On top of providing the required ecosystem to support the institution’s business processes such as administrative, academic and research and innovation, ITD also unwaveringly supports the implementation of Sejahtera Academic Framework (SAF), digital learning, quality data, and information management as well as cybersecurity.

May Allah SWT bless us with sincerity & commitment to drive all these digital transformation initiatives to ensure that the technology ecosystem is future-ready in line with the agenda of the University and the nation.