1Request/Revoke Access to Database/System Form – (ITD-SD-04)
2IT Request Form – (ITD-SD-07)
3Server Installation / Removal Form (temporary & permanent) – (ITD-SD-09)
4Disposal Test Report Form – (ITD-SD-10)
5Desktop Computer/Notebook Request Form (for New Staff Grade 40 and below)
6ICT Requirement Form
7Booking of Project Room (ITD-ITPMO-07)
8Migration of Application System & Database from Development to Production Environment
9Proof of Concept (POC) Request Form
10Proof of Concept (POC) Report Template
11User Acceptance Entrance Checklist (ITD-APPS-UAT-01)
12User Acceptance Exit Checklist – (ITD-APPS-UAT-02)
13Database IT Change Request
14Action Plan/ Activities Closing Form
15ICT Clearance Form
16IT Vendor Performance Evaluation Form