ICT Regulation, Policies & Guidelines

No. Title
1 ICT Regulations
2 IIUM ICT Policy
3 Information Management Policy
4 IIUM ICT Security Policy
5 Policy for Management of ICT Project
6 Policy for Responsible Use of ICT Resources (IIUM Staff)
7 Policy for Responsible Use of ICT Resources (IIUM Student)
8 Policy for Procurement of ICT Resources
9 Policy for Computer & Printer Entitlement
10 Policy for Computer to Student Ratio
11 Policy for Telephone Services
12 Policy for Video Conference Service
13 Policy for Network Services
14 Policy for Electronic Accounts
15 Policy for Email Services
16 Policy on Website, Web Application and Webhosting
17 Standard for Electronic Accounts
18 Standard for Wireless Networking
19 Guideline for Procurement on ICT Resources
20 Guideline on Wide Sharing of ICT Controlled Items
21 Guideline for Computer & Printer Entitlement for IIUM Staff
22 Guideline for Software Licensing
23 Guideline for Inventory of ICT Resources
24 Guideline for Disposal of ICT Resources
25 Guideline on Computer Allowance for IIUM Staff
26 Guideline for IIUM Video Conferencing Services
27 Guideline for Wireless Networking
28 Guideline for IIUM-Student Wi-Fi Services at Mahallah
29 Guideline for Email Announcement
30 Guideline for User Email Spam Management
31 Guideline for email and Google Drive Storage Usage
32 Guideline on Electronic Data Management
33 Guideline for IIUM API
34 Guideline on IIUM ICT Vendor Management
35 Guideline on the Management of Virtual Server Environment in IIUM Data Center
36 Procedure for Management of Telecommunication Services
37 Procedure for Management of Network Services