Since the foundation of the university in 1983, IIUM has been seriously striving towards producing fullyfunctioning insan who will serve as agent of change. Efforts to market the students have been strategised toensure that the trained workforces are accordingly placed in related places


The Alumni Relations Division (ARD) was established in 1999 as a university’s agency under the purview ofAdmissions and Records Division, focusing on alumni relations and activities. However, the Unit evolved tobecome an agency of the university in 2005 which covered not only alumni matters, but also IIUM studentcareer services. In 2017, after a restructuring of responsibilities, it is renamed as the Alumni Relations Division.

The Division is the liaison between the university and its graduates. Apart from obtaining input from the alumnion various matters, the Division also promotes the achievements of former graduates and keep them abreast ofdevelopments at the university.

To date, IIUM has produced more than 110,611 alumni from 125 countries who serve as agents of change to theworld, spreading the IIUM mission nationally and internationally. The majority of them serve both public andprivate sectors worldwide and provide significant impact on their communities and countries. The IIUMinternational alumni, via its Alumni Chapters, have been established in 31 countries, such as Thailand,Indonesia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Maldives, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Oman, China,Bangladesh, Gambia, Republic of Guinea, Sri Lanka and Turkey. As for the local IIUM Alumni Wings, they existin Sabah, Sarawak, Johor, Kelantan and Kedah. There are also 7 interest-based Wings established, such as theRoyal Malaysia Police (RMP) Alumni Wing and Persatuan Seni Silat Cekak Malaysia (PSSCM) Alumni Wing.

Among the main purposes of establishing alumni chapters/wings are to enable the alumni to conduct activitiesfor themselves as well as for the development of the university. The chapters could also assist in promotingIIUM to the world by becoming the referral point for potential IIUM students.


The ARD strives to engage in beneficial lifetimelink between IIUM, Alumni and the community to contributetowards the realization of mercy for all humankind (Rahmatan lil alamin)

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