Monthly salaries are paid in 2 batches :

BatchCategory of staffSchedule of salary payment
1IIUM part-time staff15th day of every month (for every claim
submitted at the latest by 10 working days before the payday)
2IIUM staffAs per schedule of salary payment approved by SSC for
the respective month
(normally, upon consideration of festive seasons and
non-working days)

Schedule of salary payment for the year 2024 for IIUM staff subject
to submission of complete documents as per dates specified below:

*Source : “Circulation Letter of Accountant General’s Department of Malaysia No.6 Year 2023”


1.        Please make sure that all documents are complete and to be submitted within the stipulated time as per the above schedule.

2.        Payment of eligible claims (except for overtime claim) shall be made within the same month subject to submission of complete documents before or on the last submission date. Otherwise, the claims shall be processed in the following payroll month.

3.        All non-fixed allowances shall be claimed using the specified form which can be downloaded from the MSD website below: (

4.        All payroll related claims (except for overtime claim) shall be submitted within 3 months from the date of the events/programmes. Please check the claims payment in the payslip accordingly. Any queries should be reported to Payroll & Financial Services Unit within 3 months.  Otherwise, it will not be entertained and shall be considered as lapsed.

5.        Payslip may be viewed within 3 days before payday. Hence, any discrepancies can be reported to for correction. However, the adjustment can only be processed in the following month’s payroll.

6.        Claims from respective KCDIOs shall be submitted through the Finance Zone Office before the last submission date of complete documents as stipulated in the above schedule. The claims are as follows:

  • Part-time (academic)
  • Extra teaching claim
  • Overtime / extra working hours claim
  • Shift allowance claim
  • On call claim