Reservation of Facilities

Before making a reservation, kindly check the availability. For a smooth booking experience, please log in using your Google account first.

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  • You are encouraged to call 03-64213816 to double-check the availability of the venue you wish to reserve before pressing the ‘Book Now’ button.
  • Individual persons/students are not permitted to make a reservation.
  • Dar al-hikmah library only provides venue facilities including AV system. Chairs and tables for the guests’ refreshment needs to be managed by the organizers themselves. The library does not have that facility.
  • AA batteries for the microphone must be provided by the organizer.
General Rules:
  1. This venue are only for use by staff/students doing university-related discussion or classes. They are not to be used for external purposes such as paid tutoring or other business activities.
  2. The library has the right to cancel consecutive bookings made by one person or group on any given day.
  3. No Eating or Drinking in this room.
  4. Please keep all furniture in the room, and do not move furniture from other area.
  5. Ensure you keep the room clean and orderly.
  6. We encourge the wearing of masks while in the rooms.

Click the images below to see the venue details and who is eligible to make a reservation