All registered members are allowed to borrow library materials according to their eligibility. Loan eligibility and borrowing period differ according to the borrower types. Borrowing can be done either at the Self-Check machines or at the Circulation Counter (for transactions that need special attention only). To enable borrowing of library materials, you are required to register your student/staff card at the Circulation Counter, Level 2.

No Categories Loan of Book Loan Period
1. Foundation Student 15 titles 30 days
2. Undergraduates 15 titles 30 days
3. Post Graduates 20 titles 30 days
4. Academic Staff (full time) 30 titles 60 days
5. Academic Staff (part time) 10 titles 30 days
6. Admin Staff 20 titles 60 days
7. Pre-Session Students 10 titles 14 days

Users can return books at the Circulation Counter, Automated Bookdrop Machine and also at the Manual Bookdrop located outside the library building which is available 24 hours a day. This Bookdrop service provides an option for users who wants to return books without going to the Circulation Counter whenever the library is closed.

Overdue/Late Return fines/Penalty Library users are expected to return library books before or on the due date, after which an overdue fine will be imposed. The user will not be allowed to borrow any library materials until the fine is paid. This is done to encourage users to return books on time and to give others fair opportunity to borrow the books. Payment is to be made at the Circulation Counter and the fine rates are as in table below:

Items RATES (incurred after due date or hour)
General Loan Books RM0.50
Non-print Item RM0.50
Red-spot (text books & recommended readings by Course/Program) RM0.50
Rooms RM5.00


Loans renewal can be done at Self-Check machines and Circulation Counter (renewals that need special attention only). If the loan period is not yet due, renewal can also be done online through the “My Account” section in library catalogue.

A user may reserve a book which is out on loan to ensure that he/ she gets the item when it is returned. Reservation of books with status ‘on-loan’ can be done via the library catalogue and printed form at Circulation Counter (for certain cases). User can manage the status of the reservation if they do it online. A notice will be sent to the requestor informing him/her to claim the reserved book when it is available. The book will be kept (on hold) at the Circulation Counter for 7 days only after which it will be returned to the shelves.

Bookdrop Service
The Bookdrop located outside the library building operates 24 hours a day. The clearance hours for books returned at the Bookdrop facility are at 9.00 am, 12 pm and 3.00 pm daily. Users who want to return books within the clearance period are advised to so at the Circulation Counter. Automated Smart Bookdrop machine is also available inside the library building. This machine will automatically updates the user record.

Self-Check Machines
The Library provides 4 units of Self-Check machines for self-service borrowing of library books at Main Library. Upon borrowing, the Self-Check machines will issue a due date receipt. Members are advised to retain this receipt for future references. This machines is also available at Kuantan Library (Indera Mahkota) and CFS PJ Library.

Book Security System
The system of one-entry one-exit together with electronic sensing of books at the exit point, ensures that only materials that have been systematically borrowed can be brought out of the library building. A warning bell is triggered if a material that has not been officially borrowed is brought through the exit.
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