Publication guide

The publication guide offers various resources to help researchers identify high-impact journals for their research.

One of these resources is SCOPUS. The researchers can find the relevant journal titles for publishing and check the discontinued list from SCOPUS.

Other resources also could be considered by the researchers to identify the index journal titles in the Master Journal list, ERA and MyCite for publishing the articles in the journal. Besides that, researchers also can find journals and articles from various fields of study through MyJurnal, Journal List from IIUM, and Directory Open Access Journal. This directory will help you to find the open access journals worldwide and details about the journals including APCs and country.

Finally, the guide also includes the MyRA Glossary, which provides definitions of common terms related to Malaysia’s research assessment.

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Title List

MyJurnal is a online system used by Malaysia Citation Centre (MCC) to collect and index all the Malaysian journals. MyJurnal’s main objectives are to:-

  • increase access to the contents of Malaysian journals to the global community; and
  • improve the visibility of contents, hence, encouraging usage and generating citations to articles published.
MyJurnal contains bibliographic data and full text contents of articles published in refereed scholarly journals in Malaysia, in various disciplines such as Arts & Humanities, Engineering & Technology, Medical & Health Sciences, Sciences and Social Sciences. These articles include review papers, research articles, technical papers and working papers. As MyJurnal caters to publishers, researchers and individuals alike, users can look forward to the following:-
  • Intuitive and user-friendly internet-based system
  • Convenient one-stop repository for Malaysian scholarly journals
  • Free access to full text information of articles where copyright permits
MyJurnal is provided by the Malaysia Citation Centre, Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.
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